Monday, May 28, 2012

What Happens When You Text Mitt Romney

Mitt really wants your information.

For those wondering, the discount code is "DAY1AD"


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Sunday, May 27, 2012

ProxMate Unblocks Region Specific YouTube, Grooveshark, and Hulu Content [Downloads]

Chrome/Firefox: Ever run into a video that's blocked because you aren't in a supported region? It's annoying, but ProxMate is a simple extension for Chrome and Firefox that unblocks region-specific content from YouTube, Hulu, and Grooveshark.More »

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Android Is Either “Winning” Because Apple Is Letting It, Or Losing

In September 2010, I wrote a post that ignited an absolute shitstorm around these parts. "Shitstorm" in this case meaning a post with a thousand comments, the majority of which were spewed up by rabid Android fanatics. The title of that post:Is Android Surging Only Because Apple Is Letting It?At the time, we were in the midst of a massive Android surge to the top of the smartphone ecosystem food chain. This was happening all around the world, but the focus of this particular post was the U.S. market. Based on some comments made by developer David Beach at the time, I wondered if, as the title suggested, Android was only doing so well in the U.S. because the iPhone was still only available on one carrier, AT&T?It's time to revisit that thought because there's now absolutely no question that this was the case. There's now data to back it up. What's more, despite what some surveys suggest, this trend may have fully reversed itself.]]>

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That Which We Call An Ultrabook By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sleek

Yesterday, to much fanfare and resolute sentiment, HP announced a return to what made it a great company to begin with: poorly-named and generic computing devices tarted up to take on Dell. This year it's the HP Envy SpectreXT, a thin and light that can't officially be called an Ultrabook because that's an Intel marketing term and these things sometimes run on AMD chips.I think it's important to point out the clear problems in the above statement: because Intel officially controls the "ultrabook" spec - including the pricing, screen size, speed, and physical size - manufacturers must toe the line when it comes to what can and cannot be sold under that rubric. In short, Intel's own standards have so long stymied the OEM's ability to innovate that, in the end, we're all essentially buying Intel PCs no matter the brand or maker.]]>

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Pinterest Users: Find Out When Your Items Are on Sale

Want to know when items you pin on Pinterest go on sale? Now you can — up to a point — thanks to a new feature launched this week a…]]>

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New iPhone Unlock Should Work With Any Model

iPhone unlocks are usually a tetchy experience - you have to have the right firmware on the right model iPhone at the right time. Now, however, thanks to a method that spoofs the activation server, you can unlock almost any iPhone semi-permanently.The system, called Subscriber Artificial Module or SAM, requires a jailbroken iPhone and Cydia. To run it, you de-activate your phone, insert a new SIM, and then activate SAM. SAM spoofs the activation process, convincing the phone that it has been unlocked properly and without issues.]]>

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Disrupt Alum Vocre Makes Its Voice-Translation App Free

Vocre was one of the more popular battlefield companies at Disrupt SF 2011; the automagical quality of the app and their excellent on-stage presentation made them one of the frontrunners. They haven't been idle since then, though, and they've taken the advice of some critics who suggested their pay-per-use model was going to turn off users.They're releasing a new version of the app today with a few significant improvements, most notably that the app is now free.]]>

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